Back to the Barrio.

  We are now back at school after 10 days holiday and then almost another week due to a tropical storm which hit us one evening. As the school is at the bottom of the mountains and many of the children live in the hills nearby with only mud paths for access; if there is … Continue reading Back to the Barrio.

The rainforest

Having settled in to our new abode, and the school being closed for 10 days or so, we thought we’d head up to the mountains and into the rainforest. Since the day we told the children we would be coming to Colombia, it has been the wildlife they’ve been most excited about seeing and the … Continue reading The rainforest

Ice creams and iguanas

We finally made it into our new accommodation on Tuesday 2nd. The whole episode felt much more eventful than it should have been. At one point we were summoned to meet the mother of the landlord to assess whether we (or mainly the children) were suitable tenants. Perhaps the English have a reputation? It was … Continue reading Ice creams and iguanas

Santa Marta

Yep; got here on Saturday after an hour long discussion with the taxi driver and several “hangers-on” regarding the price of the 5 hour trip. Much of the issue was that we had 10 bags/suitcases. Matt struggled to comprehend what could have filled so many but was relieved of his struggle just this morning when … Continue reading Santa Marta

We’re off!

Yep, after many months of preparation and meeting people in the street asking “haven’t you gone yet”, we finally made it to Heathrow (thanks to Matt’s brother and his people carrier (with a top box)). 14 hours later and we’re in the wonderful city of Cartagena, Colombia. Naturally it’s the small things about a totally … Continue reading We’re off!