Day in our lives

  We are conscious that many of our blog posts sound rather spectacular so we thought a bit of realism was in order for this next one because, actually most of our days here follow a pretty similar pattern and don’t regularly involve hunting spiders in the jungle or dune buggying in the desert…. The … Continue reading Day in our lives


  ….following on from the Amazon, Peru was our next stop; Lima being the first place. The whole Peru trip followed a well trodden tourist trail and it felt rather like a very fancy holiday rather than any sort of travelling event. Lima is a nice enough city, located on the Pacific coast with a … Continue reading Peru

The Amazon

  It has been a while since we last got around to posting on our blog. Our visas ran out on 2nd March and we were fairly sure we could just get them renewed here in Santa Marta. About 3 weeks before, we went to check at the “Migraci├│n” office, only to be told that … Continue reading The Amazon

Feliz Navidad!

Yes, it is a feliz Navidad (happy Christmas) from us here. Like every other school the children have been getting tired/excitied/silly/tempestuous in equal measure. ┬áThe photo above is from their Christmas party. For the past 9 years 2 American brothers have kindly put on a party for the children in a Hostel in the city … Continue reading Feliz Navidad!

The rain coming in through the tent was initially refreshing …

  We thought we’d visit Park Tayrona, a 150 square mile National park famed particularly for it’s beaches but with lots of jungle and a bit of rainforest, (there’s a difference) before the holiday season starts at the end of November. It is apparently a bit of a magnet for holiday makers (mainly from Colombian … Continue reading The rain coming in through the tent was initially refreshing …